Supply List and Classroom Procedures

Supplies Needed for

7th Grade Mathematics

(Due Monday, September 14, 2020)

One 1 and 1/2 inch 3-ring binder (no spiral notebooks please)

Dividers (5 needed to start the year)

One triple hole punch that stores in your notebook

Loose leaf lined paper (start with 200 sheets)

Graph paper

24 Pencils (Be prepared with 2 sharpened pencils each day)

TI 1706 SV Calculator


7th Grade Mathematics/Accelerated 7th Grade Mathematics


To my 7th grade students and their parents:


I'd like to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year and to my classroom. My name is Gail Snyder and I have a degree in Math Education and a concentration in Computer Science.  In addition to being a teacher of mathematics here at Delran Middle School, I also have 18 years of experience working as a systems analyst/programmer in the manufacturing and publishing industries solving real-world problems using mathematics, with a focus on Algebra. I want to take the opportunity to let you know what a privilege it is to be able to teach at the Delran Middle School for the seventeenth year and work with this group of 7th grade students.  We will be using the EdGems Course 2 (2019) textbook and the EdGems  Accelerated Course 2 (2019) textbook for the accelerated course.    The textbook emphasizes problem solving, real-world applications, writing in math and understanding the theory behind the procedures we use to do the mathematics.  Our curriculum is aligned with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (2016) for grade 7 mathematics. Problems will be done to prepare students for the 7th grade NJPARCC test. So that you have the best learning environment in our math classroom, the following classroom procedures will be followed.




Teachers do not GIVE grades, students EARN them. Your quarterly grade is determined by averaging the following grades; homework (10%), summative assessments and projects (50%), quizzes (30%), and classwork/participation (10%).  Occasionally you will be given the opportunity to earn extra credit. TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY to raise your grade, we all have occasional bad days and need a little help. To encourage students to share with parents, I assign a homework assignment requiring that a test be returned with a parent signature.  Each Monday you will find a new page of weekly assignments on Canvas.  An assignment is associated with  each day of the week.   Make sure that your notes are dated and clear. All warm-up problems, handouts, homework assignments, lesson post-tests, quizzes, tests, projects and NJPARCC practice problems must be included in your notebook. Organization is the key to YOUR success!










Come ON TIME and PREPARED for class every day. You will be completing and checking your homework at home each night.  Answers can be found on Canvas, along with your assignment.  Students are expected to clean his/her work space upon entering the classroom, participate and cooperate in the classroom to the fullest extent.  Behavior is expected to be appropriate, mature and respectful at all times. Being prepared consists of having two sharpened pencils, your math textbook, and your math binder. Using a pen is not an option in math class; you must use a pencil. We all make mistakes. Your 3-ring binder should have loose-leaf paper for taking notes. You will also find it convenient to have a 3-hole paper punch for adding classroom handouts to your notebook.   Google Meet netiquette will be followed or disciplinary action will be taken.




Lateness will not be tolerated. You will be considered late if you are not in the classroom by the time the bell has rung.  Sometimes schedules will prevent students from getting to their class on time. If you are having difficulty getting to class on time, discuss it with me and we will come to an agreement. Otherwise, disciplinary action will be taken for lateness.


 Leaving the Classroom

Students are not allowed to leave the classroom within the first 10 minutes of the class or the last five minutes of the class, unless there is an emergency.  Use the lavatory before you come to class.  If you must use the lavatory during class, your agenda will be used as a pass.  Please bring your agenda to me to initial.  If you need to go to the nurse or the guidance office during class, please wait for the appropriate time (during class work).  Ask me and if I grant permission, fill out your student agenda and I will initial it.


Homework and Math Journal Entries

Practice of concepts learned in math class is essential to mastering skills.  Therefore, homework will be assigned approximately four days a week.   Assignments and answer keys can be found on Canvas.       There will also be math journaling assignments that will be completed using a Canvas online classroom  discussion forum.  Homework may be collected.  All work for homework must be shown in a clear manner, in pencil.  Homework with no work (answers only) will not be accepted.  It is your responsibility to check your answers nightly at home and come to me with questions during BEAR time or upon entering class. 

Online textbook:  If you have internet access from home, you have the convenience of an online textbook, which can be accessed via Canvas,  using the Links button,  found next to the Delaware and Rancocas assignment buttons.






Notes will be given every day and it is the student's responsibility to take notes and keep all returned work.  We will sometimes have an open note quiz/exam; those students with good notebooks will benefit.  If you are absent, see me, or a classmate, for the notes you missed.  Make sure your notes are dated and legible.  All handouts should be three-hole punched and included by date received.  All returned tests/quizzes must be included in a logical spot.  Example: A Chapter 3 test should appear at the end of your Chapter 3 notes.





Make-up work

Homework is due the following day after it is assigned.  In the case of an excused absence, the student will be given time to make up the assignment.  Students will be given the number of days that they were out to make up the work.  It is the student's responsibility to obtain the make-up assignments via their weekly  Delaware/Rancocas assignment list on Canvas.  Students with internet access have to ability to view lesson tutorials on the material missed in class via the EdGems website.



Missed Quizzes and Exams

Students have exactly one week to make up a quiz, or a test, when they are absent on a quiz/test day.  If you know ahead of time that you are going to miss a quiz or a test, let me know so that arrangements can be made to make up the quiz/test.


Collaborative Learning

Students are encouraged to work together.  When you get stuck on a homework problem, or when you are struggling to grasp a concept, ask one of your classmates at an appropriate time.  They may be able to explain it better that I can!  Students must do their own work, but it is acceptable for students to help each other out. There is a difference between working together and cheating.  Please do not copy someone else's homework.  If you are unclear about the difference between working together and cheating, see me and I will clarify.



Calculators may be used in the classroom. You will need to purchase a TI 1706 SV.









Extra Help

I will be available every Wednesday to schedule meetings with you.  Just send me a message and let me know that you want to meet and we will schedule a Google Meet.  Below you will find my email address so that you may always contact me if you need help with anything.  The first progress report will be mailed in mid-October and the 1st marking period report cards will go home before Thanksgiving.  I look forward to meeting all the parents at Open House.


My classroom: Room B104    Phone 856-461-8822 ext. 7190.

My EMAIL address:

My webpage :

or access through, choose Delran Middle School, teachers,

under M , Math - Snyder, Gail


Please sign and return the acknowledgement attached by tomorrow, this is your first homework assignment.   I am looking forward to a wonderful year as we all work together to learn 7th grade mathematics.


Yours truly,




Gail Snyder

461-8822 ext. 7190


















7th Grade Mathematics - Mrs. Snyder


Please review grading and classroom procedures online, sign, fill in requested information, and return tomorrow. Due Monday, September 14, 2020


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We have reviewed the 7th Grade course information, grading outline, and student responsibilities found on Mrs. Snyder’s website.  Click on and read: Supply List and Classroom Procedures.



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