DMS Student Council 
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Student Council hopes that everyone has a successful school year, and we look forward to contributing to DMS!  
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President- Serafina Carollo
Vice President- Ajana Glover
Secretary- Lindsey Rodzon
Chair School Spirit Committee-  Chris James
Chair of School Support Committee- Mary Lane
Chair Dance Committee-  Madison Leusner

If you would like to participate in the planning of dances, fundraisers, and other events, please contact Miss McNally 

  • Miss McNally can be reached by email

    What's Going On
    This is what is currently going on in Student Council :)

    School Support- RAFLE!! Coming this April! The money goes to a ANIMAL SHELTER, in the Burlington County, in South Jersey. 
  • 3 winners, one winner each grade.
  • Easter themed, 
  • Winners get a basket of, $5 gift card for Five Bellow, Skittles, Hersey Bar, Jelly Beans Starburst flavor, Chocolate eggs, and Jolly Ranchers, all flavors. 
  • Rafle ticket costs 0.50 cents each. 2 tickets cost $1.
  • The tickets are being sold during Bear Period. 
  • If you have questions ask, Mary Lane, Ayanna Alamo, or Anna Lane. 
  • School Spirit Committee-   OOOH guest whats up:
    Candy Grams coming up!
  • They are coming up in March.
  • 1$ for a Hersey's Bar, 1$ for an MnM bag, 1$ for a KitKat bar, 1$ for a Reeses bar, 4 Air-Heads for 2$. 

BAG: Skittles, Starbursts, Jolly Ranchers, Herseys kisses, and more all for 2$. 

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  • Listen to the announcements for further information!

    Dance Committee-  Our next dance is on March third!
  • Its a Saint Patricks day dance, for all grades. 

    In all of this commotion, our president and vice president are contributing ideas and helping along the way! Also any other problems talk to the chairs of the committee to help the dances be better and the events and games funner.