Week of November 9-13th
Reading- Reread "The Three Brothers" Answer Q- L-E-A-R-N
                WKSH- Character Traits-
                * Use your GREEN Character Traits list in your Notebook
                    Pick a Character/page number/describe their trait
     Example- Rui- fierce pg. 37-38- *due to his family living poverty- he became fierce-                     which means violent/tough
*We are starting our first Novel- "Firegirl"- please check Agenda for assignments

Writing - No HW for Nov. 9th
                See Agenda- on Tuesday for future ixl assignment - DUE: Friday

Week of October 13th-16th
Period 5/6 Reading - Week 2 Day 2 & 3 Q 1-5    DUE: Thursday
Period 9/10 Writing Class - Here is the assignment that is located on Google Classroom.
Week 2 Days 4-5    DUE: Friday
Quiz Thursday Pronouns
Read the "Blowout Block Party" pg. 24 (wksh) (see attached document) Answer Q1-8
Use page 26 as "draft" or "graphic organizer" or "notes page" as you watch the video clip
"Top 5  Fundraising Ideas"
Reread the passage. Read the prompt. 
Type your final response on a "google doc."
*Remember there are multiple questions within this writing response:
What kind of fund-raiser would you plan, what exactly would you do/sell, and where would the money go?
Due date: Friday October 16th

Week of October 5th-9th
Monday - No HW
Team Day Friday

Week of September 28th- October 2nd

Writing Period 9/10 HW Assignment: 

Part 1
1. Read the article -you can annotate as you go if you really see something that "jumps out at you"
Remember : "Annotation is reading with a PEN"
2. Use your "Annotation Charts/Symbols" located in your Binder "Handouts"
3. Annotate the text with symbols from the chart.  
If you need examples of "annotation" I will attach the Flip Chart as a reference
                                                   DUE: Tuesday
Part 2
Once you have annotated.
Go on to Google Classroom and respond to the writing prompt.
Open a Google Doc and be sure to put your name/date/tile of assignment.
Remember to proofread and organize your thoughts into paragraphs.
Beginning /Middle /Pen          DUE:  THURSDAY

Reading Period 5/6 HW Assignment: Assignment may be finished in class- *if time                                                                   Super Size - (WKSH)Week 1 Day 4 Q1-8
                                                          DUE: Wed.


Week of September 9th-     Wednesday 

Read Scholastic News (We will discuss articles in class)

Online: www.scholastic.com/sn56 Class Log in: dmsb144
Questions in the Newspaper will be completed in class.

Complete “Problem Solvers” and “Be a Quiz Whiz!” Due: Friday
Jeopardy Challenge on Friday! 

Class News:

Finishing up our Summer Reading Assessments on Wednesday.
Students should now be able to Log into 4 Programs:
TCI - History Book- Mrs. Pope  
[email protected]  UN: dms (lunch code) PW : delran
Google Classroom- *Most classes
Student Portal- Check on grades/ UN: 1060###### (lunch code)

Scholastic News (Class PW: dmsb144)
Science On line book- *Coming Soon- Mr Cameron will post


Welcome Back! 
Week of September 2nd (Wed.-Tues.)
Be sure to return all forms given in Homeroom!
Summer Reading assignments will be assessed in School on Tuesday 9/8!
Reading: Multiple Choice Comprehension questions will be given on one of the two required reading books: Maniac Magee or Million Dollar Kick
Writing:  students will write a paragraph about a conflict in the story.
Credit for Summer Reading will be given.
Students can bring a copy of the book as reference during the writing assessment.