Team Guidelines

Team Grading Policy

Complete assignments on time!
Our expectation as a team is that students submit assignments by the due date. Students who submit assignments late will not receive full credit. Late homework assignments will be given a credit of 50%, only when completed to the satisfaction of the teacher.  When homework is reviewed in class the day it is due, late credit may not be given.  Late projects will be assigned a deduction of points for each day they are late. 

All make up work is our students’ responsibility!
Assignments given prior to an absence are due the day students return to school.  Make up work from an absence must be obtained by the student the day he/she returns.  The time frame for completion is one day after returning for each day of absence.  An appointment for a retake of a class activity, quiz, or test must be made the day a student returns also.

Students who are in school and miss class for various reasons (band, ace, etc.) must see the teacher to obtain the assignments and/or turn in any work that is due that day.

Take responsibility for computer issues!
Students are required to have one flash drive, which will be used in all classes. Should he/she have printing problems at home, he/she is required to bring a flash drive to school and print the required assignment on his/her own free time (homeroom/lunch/after school).  Before going to the library to print, students must obtain prior permission from their current classroom teacher or location.  Students must have their work printed prior to the beginning of the class where it is due to receive full credit and be considered on time.