Team 8B Supply List

Team 8B Supplies:         Art Folder.png

1 backpack, labeled with student’s name

1 sturdy combination gym lock

12 #2 pencils

12 blue or black pens

1 yellow highlighter

1 pencil/pen holder

Loose leaf paper (for all binders)

Colored pencils

1 flash drive/jump drive/USB drive, labeled with name

Strongly recommended: TI84 Plus Calculator (will be used in High School.)

2 marble  notebooks (1 for science and 1 for language arts)

Pocket folders in the following (recommend different colors and plastic):

Yellow for language arts

Purple or patterned for cycle/health/foreign language

Black or gray for papers from office

Green for Science

Some students do well with a separate hw folder

3 one 1 1/2 inch,  3-ring binders (not one large binder for all classes please!)

Blue for social studies

Green for science

Red for math

1 large (yellow) spiral notebook for language arts