Teacher Education
Teachers' Professional Development in technology has always been a passion of mine, and this area of the website is dedicated to you, the staff at Delran. I truly want to see all teachers succeed when it comes to integration of technology into the classroom. 

A project I began last year, and will continue, is our voluntary Teach The Teacher. Each week I will volunteer my time and ask you to do the same as we explore new technologies and ways to integrate them into your classes. Sometimes I will teach the class, and sometimes a coworker who has found great ways to use technology, will teach the class. The week following each training will be an opportunity for you to schedule time to have me come into your classroom and help you become more comfortable with the technology that was just taught.

I will also post links and share information here that will help you achieve a level of comfort in this new era. You can also follow my Twitter link, @delrantech, where I will provide even more tools that might help you with integrating technology.

New Teacher Training
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