Mrs. Dubuque

Hello! My name is

Mrs. Dubuque

I teach 8th grade Language Arts at DMS!  
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Twitter: @mrsdubuque

Be sure to check our Google Classroom to access additional resources, videos, and assignments.
 I upload all expectations, rubrics, and announcements in our Google Classroom. There is a designated class for each period. New posts regularly!

Things to Know:

Article of the Week:Students are assigned an article to read at the start of each week in Writing, and are quizzed on the article every Friday. Students are assigned the article in Writing because of the critical nonfiction reading skills required for students to be well-rounded writers.

Independent Reading:‚Äč Students read every day in Reading.  On Fridays, they read the entire class period.  During these times, conferences and small group instruction take place.  Students should expect to complete a book every two weeks.

Mastery-Based Grading: In our Reading and Writing classes, the goal is growth, not grades.  To make sure students' areas of need and proficiency are clear, each assignment is broken into the NJSL Standards addressed, and those standards are listed in the gradebook for each assignment, as opposed to an overall percentage grade for the work.  Therefore, a single assignment may include several scores, depending on the amount of standards assessed.
Every assignment students complete is worth four points.  

1 = Limited Skill Demonstrated*

2=Needs Improvement*

3 = Near Mastery

4 = Mastery

*A score of 2 or 1 requires additional support, followed by another assessment of the standard. As soon as a student's score is assessed, a plan is put into place to support the learner, and the student is reassessed within two school days. Each score is weighted based on assessment type: Product = 45% Quizzes = 30%, Process =25%