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¡Bienvenidos a todos los estudiantes!

Our end of year luncheon will be Thursday, May 25th!

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Senora Jue Mattle is going to Spain in 2019!
¿Quieres venir?

Who is eligible to go?
Students who have completed Spanish II by the summer of 2019.
Please check out my tour link:

Spain 2019

Spanish Club will meet on the following dates for May: 

in A135

 Do you like apps? How about FREE apps? 

Here are a few that are good resources for your Spanish language learning:
SpanishDict -- it has a dictionary as well as a game with commonly used words
WordReference -- much more reliable than Google; you can find multiple languages to words as well as expressions using those words
Salsa Language Learning Game - starts with basic Spanish on topics such as family,
colors, food, numbers, people, etc. -- configured as an unscramble the sentence game
TuneIn Radio -- listen to Spanish language radio channels from all over the globe!

Atencion estudiantes de espanol I:
some useful websites to help practice:
Featuring the Burrito Builder!
 Includes some present tense conjugation practice quizzes! Great for practice!

WL7 Fiesta project
useful websites for research:
Mexican holidays
Spain - celebrations and fiestas
La ropa vocab list online
List of currencies around the world
Different names of shops/stores in Spanish
El corte ingles



This is a photo of the oldest bullring in the world.
Do you know where it is? (city and country)

 Phrases en español:

Yo juego al basquetbol.   I play basketball.
Yo toco la trompeta.           I play the trumpet.
¿Qué juegas? (sport)         What do you play?
¿Qué tocas? (instrument) What do you play?

Some useful websites for translation:
Here is a website that will help with different basic topics in Spanish:
Some more help with Spanish (fun games):
More games (numeros)
Los meses:
Various topics:" title="Learn Spanish">Learn Spanish - Free Spanish language learning guide.
Games en espanol:
El alfabeto:
Spanish 1 students:
for more help with Spanish, see

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