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Parents Read This
---Parent Portal--

Please access this site first and monitor your children's grades here.
I attempt to put a description of each assignment on the portal so you know/how what they are doing or not doing in their social studies class.   If that does not suffice pleasecontact me via email, phone, or in person for clarification.  


Go to
Click on Parent Portal tab.
Enter Code (students lunch code
First time you use the site you will create a user name and password. 
Email Address: 

Phone number:856-461-8822 x7222---Email will provide a more timely response.
   Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding your child's education.  I will do the best possible to accommodate all learners needs and help you ensure your child has a world class education.  
Kids of Delran, I welcome you to 6th Grade Social Studies.
3 Rules:
1. Respect Yourself
2. Respect Others
3. Respect the Environment 
Student Portal

Student Portal is designed for students to see all their assignments in social studies. When students use the calendar function on student portal (not parent portal) they will sell when their assignments are due and a description of the assignments. 

If there is homework for the night it will be displayed on the chalkboard in the classroom and posted on student portal or google classroom.  Your f
irst duty is to always write down your homework in your student agenda.
HistoryAlive- We will be using the History Alive curriculum to learnabout US History from European Colonization to Reconstruction.  Thiscurriculum is a wonderful addition to DMS and incorporates some of thebest practices and proven methods for children to effectively learn social studies.

History AliveWebsite- This is the site where students will have assignments, readingchallenges, and other course information readily available to them. Follow the instructions below to access your online learning page.  
Username-      dms(no space students' lunch number)
Password-      delran 

teacher email:

Webpages/sites that every student can use to pursue success!!!!

----Students' Rights---