Social Studies - Mr. O'Leary
Welcome to World History with Mr. O'Leary.

Mr. O'Leary's email: 
World History homework assignments will be listed on the new Canvas platform.  Please check to see if you have any homework or upcoming quizzes.
Supplies: For class each day you need:
(1) a plastic (poly) expanding file or portfolio w/ 4-7 sections.
(2) blue pens, black pens, or pencils,
(3) a red, pink, OR orange pen,
(4) lined paper,
(5) headphones or earbuds with traditional computer plug

You may want to bring your own colored pencils, a highlighter, Elmer's glue, and/or scissors, but we won't need them every day.

The following grade codes are used in the Realtime gradebook. 
ABS = excused from assignment due to absence.
EXC = excused from assignment.
MIS = missing assignment.  Homework not completed.  Student receives no credit.
NHI = assignment was not handed in, but student did some work on assignment.  Student receives 50% of points.
INC= incomplete assignment.  Student receives 40% of points.
FAIL = student answered less than half the answers correctly.  Students receives 50% of points.
Pass = Student work was poor, but barely enough to pass.  Student receives 60% of points.
The past, the present, and our futures are all connected.

The past, the present, and our futures are all connected. 

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