Art - Floyd, Joie
Art - Floyd, Joie
Art - Floyd, Joie
Art class in grades 6, 7, and 8 are exploratory courses in which students gain knowledge of basic tools and techniques to create and understand art. They are studio courses in which all projects are completed in class.

Projects and test  50%
Behavior             13%
Clean Up             12%
Participation        25%

Theme for 2017: Under the Sea


Rules And  Expectations:

My goal is to creaate a positive learning environment in the classroom.  Therefore , I hold high expectations for student behavior and expect to see the following:
*Good Mannners
*Organization and Preperation
*Quick transition between introduction of projects and production
*Displays of appropriate behavior

Each student is expected to act in the following manner:
*Come into class quietly and prepared
*Listen and follow directions the first time
*Raise your hand to speak
*Cooperate with teachers and peers
*Be respectful to others and their property
*Keep your hands and feet to yourself
*Try tour best!
When the above expectations are not followed, the following consequences will occur:
*Verbal warning
*Call home
*Conference with teacher after class
*Meeting with principal

Behaviors ot tolerated in the classroom:
*Inappropriate language

If any of the above behaviors occur, then the following consequences will occur:
*Call home
*Detention after school
*Possible meeting with principal and loss of points
* These expectations and behaviors are in addition to those that are outlined in the student handbook.

 ********I enjoy teaching art to your children!*********************

Again, "keeping it green" by using recycled materials!
We are in need of:

paper towel rolls
egg cartons-paper and foam

Your student may bring them to A139 throughout the year.
Thank you!

Art Club meets on Thursdays after school from 2:15-3:15.  The first meeting is with group A Thursday September 29, 2016.

I may be reached by email